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Induction 2016

Canadian Petroleum Hall of Fame


Troy Ducharme; Peter Tertzakian; David Collyer; William Hunt; Greg Stringham; Brett Wilson; Albert Mayland; George Goruk. Builders. Leaders. Innovators. Visionaries.


For the past 19 years the Canadian Petroleum Hall of Fame has helped Canada's upstream sector prove that people make the difference, one contribution at a time.


More than 160 men and women have been recognized as "chapters" in a decades-old story that is as rich and diverse as the industry whose tales they tell.


Now, as the Hall of Fame celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2016, it is adding eight more chapters - honouring individuals whose contributions and leadership define one of the world's most progressive and productive energy industries.


They will be honoured November 10, 2016 at the Hall of Fame's annual induction ceremony - itself changing as the Hall's board sets the stage for the next 20 years, noted chairman Bill Whitelaw. Each year, the Hall's independent selection committee has its work cut out to choose from the hundreds of deserving candidates, he added.


"I think this year's slate of inductees is as good as they come. All eight individuals have each in their own way been an integral part of our sector's fabric."


To honour this year's 20th anniversary, the board agreed to increase the number of inductees to eight from the normal six. And in another anniversary "twist," the board will soon announce special recognition for the "top" inductee of the Hall's 20 years - somewhat akin to an Academy Award Lifetime Achievement Award.


"We're very excited to have such high-calibre inductees ... and to celebrate how their stories each connect to the sector's success and evolution."


Whitelaw notes that during the current downturn, that even as a non-profit charitable organization, the Hall of Fame has a particularly important role to play in that its inductees "have been there ... done that."


"Every downturn has its own characteristics ... and if you measure all the diverse downturns and what our inductees have experienced, it represents a very impressive record of staying power and achievement."


This year's anniversary ties directly to another important celebration: SAlT's centennial.


"SAlT has played an incredibly important role in shaping our sector over the decades. In many ways, its graduates are the backbone of industry."


Instead of the traditional dinner, this year's induction ceremonies will take place in the Johnson Cobbe Hall, in the heart of SAlT'S Calgary campus. A cocktail reception will replace the traditional sit-down dinner, to allow both campus tours and longer networking before the formal ceremonies, explained Whitelaw.


"We have talked to our supporters and stakeholders extensively about this change; they all agree it's time to try something new."

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